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Title: SWCorp clears illegal dump site
Date: 04-Nov-2017
Category: Integrated Solid Waste Management
Source/Author:         ACTIONLINE @New Straits Times
Description: https://www.nst.com.my/actionline/2017/11/298958/swcorp-clears-illegal-dump-site

AN open space near SK Bukit Jalil, which used to be an illegal dumping ground, is now free from rubbish and under close monitoring by the Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Corporation (SWCorp).

A parent, who had forwarded a complaint on the matter to Actionline, was thankful for the swift action by SWCorp to clear the illegal dump site.

“I was worried for the students’ safety and health.

“Luckily, SWCorp immediately addressed the problem,” she said yesterday.

A SWCorp spokesman said the area had garden, construction and bulk waste.

“We have cleared the site and put up a sign warning the public not to dump garbage there.

“Our officers will continue to carry out surveillance in the area.”

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