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ROLPOP5: CLEAN Workshop for Food Establishments/Hawkers, Wet Market and Workshops Past Event

Date: 20-Dec-2017 to 20-Dec-2017
Venue: Unity Hall, Level 7, Hua Yang Building, Jalan Medan Selayang
Organizer: DID Malaysia, DOE KL, DBKL, GEC

Nature Art/Craft Workshop at Sg Penchala Information Centre Past Event

Date: 16-Dec-2017 to 16-Dec-2017
Venue: Sg Penchala Information Centre, Desa Mentari

Sg Kinta RCEC Nature Art/Craft Workshop Past Event

Date: 09-Dec-2017 to 09-Dec-2017
Venue: Sg Kinta RCEC, Buntong, Ipoh
Organizer: GEC, KRT Buntong 3 & 4

Best Management Practices Training Workshop for Pangkor Island Business Operators Past Event

Date: 17-Oct-2017 to 17-Oct-2017
Venue: Catalina Hall, Coray Bay Resort

ISLAND Ranger MyDrain Day Programme Past Event

Date: 15-Oct-2017 to 15-Oct-2017
Venue: Kg Teluk Dalam Community Hall

ISLAND Ranger Information Centre Open Day Past Event

Date: 12-Aug-2017 to 12-Aug-2017
Venue: Pangkor Jetty

NRCF - SMART Ranger Training of Trainers (TOT) for Schools in Kelantan Past Event

Date: 27-Aug-2016 to 27-Aug-2016
Venue: SMK Zainab

NRCF - SMART Ranger Training of Trainers (TOT) for Schools in Klang District Past Event

Date: 27-Jul-2016 to 27-Jul-2016
Venue: Botanic Resort Club, Klang

Outreach at Komuniti Rukun Tetangga (KRT) Buntong Past Event

Date: 20-Dec-2015 to 20-Dec-2015
Venue: River Care Education Centre (RCEC), Buntong

Waste Management Workshop with Community from Kampung Teluk Bayang Past Event

Date: 11-Dec-2015 to 11-Dec-2015
Venue: SK Seri Pangkor Canteen, Pangkor Island

Asrama Darul Falah (ASDAF) Solid Waste Management Programme Past Event

Date: 14-Nov-2015 to 14-Nov-2015
Venue: Cangkat Persekutuan, Federal Hill, Kuala Lumpur

Waste Management - Carbon Footprint Training Past Event

Date: 15-Mar-2012 to 15-Mar-2012
Venue: Fed Ex Express office, Damansara Uptown
Organizer: GEC & FED Ex

Fed Ex Waste Management - Carbon Footprint Training conducted to train Fed Ex volunteer of issues regarding solid waste management in Malaysia along with other polluting factors. This is also to teach and train them how they can help to play a part in solving this problem. Volunteers were exposed on activities such as recycling, composting, sopa making from used cooking oil as well as producing nature craft from used recyclable materials.

The 25th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management Past Event

Date: 14-Mar-2010 to 17-Mar-2010
Venue: Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A.

International Solid Waste Associataion - Congress 2009 Past Event

Date: 12-Oct-2009 to 15-Oct-2009
Venue: Lisbon, Portugal
Organizer: Portuguese Association for Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (APESB)

Turning waste into ideas

1st International Conference on Solid Waste & Environment, 2009 Past Event

Date: 12-Aug-2009 to 14-Aug-2009

Save our Blue Planet

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